February 2014 Memory Walks

February 2014 Memory Walks (One Day and Two Months After) was exhibited at the Spiral Independent Creators Festival 15 and consists of 54 strands of eggshells that have been arranged in a grid format – 7 rows and 4 columns starting from the back of the booth for the 28 days of February.  On February 21, there were no walks taken since I was bedridden with the flu that day.

The eggshells are attached to the string in chronological manner – the top is morning and the bottom is evening.  Gaps in the string indicate times where no walks were taken.  Each day in February is represented by two strands of eggshells.  The left strands are the Memory Walks drawings made the day after the walk.  The right strands are the Memory Walks drawings made two months after the walk.  I wanted to observe the differences in my recollection of the same walk over a period of time during the drawing process as well as after.

© Arthur j huang 2017